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Scout - Juniper Heather 309

Scout uses a blend of a fine Merino and Highland wool to create a yarn that is lightweight and durable, while still soft to the touch. Peruvian Highland wool is a Merino x Corriedale cross, which produces a soft fibre with a lot of crimp, and a dry hand. The Highland sheep is bred to be large and sturdy, and is able to live at high altitudes. The fleece has a micron count of between 24.5mic to 28.5 microns, so it's coarser than the merino but provides greater strength and, more importantly, durability.

100% wool DK/8ply to light worsted weight,
2 ply heathered and plied 
250 m / 274 yds per 100 gram skein 
Gauge: 20-22 sts to 10 cm (4") 
Needles: 3.75-4.5 mm (US 5-7)