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Dear Friends,
It is with a heavy heart that I have to tell each of you that after 18 amazing years Pins and Needles will be closing.
It is not a decision I've come to lightly -- I've wrestled with it for months.  The reasons are simple and yet complicated.  Traffic and business has been down dramatically and suddenly since the beginning of December.  The specific reasons for that are many too, parking for sure, changing retail shopping patterns...a perfect storm if you will.
This has been a wonderful adventure for all of us here and each of us will miss the store and our customers, the regulars and the drop ins, the local and the far flung.  The staff that has supported the store for all these years -- Pam, Beth and Anne who have been here with me from the beginning -- almost a third of our lives; Lisa, Marna and Hilary who've marked a decade as part of this fabric and the newer friends -- Suzy, Gail, Jody, Debbie, Jen and Krista.  Add to that the people who were here for long stretches with huge footprints -- Zuzana and Sara, Lynne and Osa, Michelle and Gillian and the many people who landed here for a year between gigs and brought so much to the mix-- all are an important part of the fabric.
For all of us the best part of this place was always each of you and the joy we shared in helping you nurture a creative outlet in your life, develop lifelong skills, and sometimes find shelter from the storms of life in the simple act of manipulating two sticks and string or pulling a needle through a canvas. 
You will all be missed.
The nitty gritty:
We will begin a four week closing plan starting today.
Week 1: April 23 - 29 --  20% off everything
Week 2: April 30 - May 6  -- 30% off everything
Week 3:  May 7 - 13 -- 40% off everything
Week 4:  May 14 - 21 -- 50% off everything
Obviously in the first week is your best shot at 20% off yarns that never go on Sale -- Brooklyn Tweed, new Madeline Tosh and Shibui, Big Bad Wool. Kelbourne, Blue Sky...
Much of our yarn is available on the website -- please call us at 609-921-9075  to place your order; I'm not confident the quantity available numbers are correct.
Everything is final sale: no returns, refunds or holds.
Our ability to offer help will be limited during the sale.  Beth will be offering both public and private lessons for anyone mid project who needs help after we close. We will have her contact information available here.
Needlepoint Finishing will continue to run the same way.  I will call you when I receive your finished gorgeousness and arrange a drop off if you're local and ship to everyone else.  If people want to continue to drop off finishing I'd be happy to take care of it for you in the same manner.
During the course of the Sale we will be open till 6pm everyday. 
I know there will be a million questions and loose ends to resolve -- stop by or call and we'll get it all figured out.
To say that these words don't begin to express my gratitude doesn't get half way there but to each of you who were part of our universe here and shared a bit of yourself with all of us...
thank you.

WWelcome to Pins and Needles

The very act of making something original and personal with your two hands has been around as long as man and yet, is as contemporary as the piece you finished last week. 
We are a community of makers, dreamers and thinkers, who find joy in the process of creating and love sending a bit of ourselves out into the world with everything we make.

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  • PHONE: (609)-921-9075
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